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Advisor: David P. Weaver

The Project: Build a Sales & Marketing Team


Stop sliding sales with professional sales team “fresh blood”


The company was a family-owned business with three divisions (a son in each division) that were now being rolled into one.  The father wanted to step down and was hiring a new CEO to manage the newly combined businesses.

As I collected information on the company for defining what type of sales and marketing people/talent were needed, I learned that I really didn’t know who they were any more as a combined company.


I set up an off-site meeting with senior management and we developed a Mission Statement to get everyone on the same page. I also learned they didn’t know the P&L of the business as newly combined. So, they were told to discover the P&L so we could find out which services were loss leaders that might acceptable for obtaining a more profitable business.


They were able to hire and build the sales and marketing team, improve profits and enter a new more profitable market segment that was discovered during my services.  They had new energy and were able to land contracts and identify which services were profitable and which to turn down – that was not easy in the past.