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Lead Advisor: Doron York

The Industry: Financial Cervices
The Engagement: Coaching the CEO and his leadership team


The bank CEO wanted to transform his bank into the centerpiece of the future strategy of the whole corporation, countering an industry trend of decline.

Partnering with our firm, the CEO enrolled his leadership team and 90 of the bank’s most senior executives in his vision. Together, they delivered the growth strategy to 7,000 sales and service employees in sessions of 50-75 people each. Our team also provided leadership training to 240 managers to align them with the strategic outcomes and the operational plan.


The bank surpassed its original revenue goal by 15 percent and was the only business unit of the enterprise’s 13 to fulfill its revenue commitment during an economic downturn.

  • The implementation of a technology breakthrough yielded productivity improvements worth millions of dollars.

  • An increase in customer retention valued at $50 million was attributed to employees successfully aligning around a new business process.

  • Over a three-year period, the bank reported revenue increases of four percent, six percent and eight percent; net income of 10 percent, 12 percent and 16 percent; sales effectiveness of 30 percent, 34 percent and 38 percent.

  • After three years of work, the CEO estimated that at least half of the bank’s financial gains could be attributed to the work with the firm.


The bank became the leading performer of the business units and was recognized as one of the nation’s “100 best companies to work for.” The CEO was promoted by the parent company. His successor, who had been a member of the original leadership team, says the partnership with our firm “had a profound impact on accelerating business results as well as on the personal and professional growth of our employees.”