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Mr. Katsanos started his investment banking career at Bankers Trust and SBC Warburg in the early 1990s, where he advised national governments, regional governments, corporates, and financial institutions, in Europe and emerging markets. This experience provided Mr. Katsanos with invaluable exposure to the power of human capital, financial engineering, product & process innovation, and regulation at a time when European capital markets were liberalized, post-Big Bang. 

Over the years, Mr. Katsanos has worked on substantial funding projects involving central banks and regional financial institutions in transition economies and the nascent European Union. Since the early 2000s, Mr. Katsanos has collaborated with hedge funds, asset management firms, private equity groups, and sovereign wealth funds, in Europe, the US, and emerging markets.

In the early stage development company space, Mr. Katsanos has collaborated with various companies, including a US-based telecoms start-up, 5BARz International. He assisted the firm to raise capital and grow in India where it developed significant partnerships with Vodafone and Bharti Airtel, leading telecom providers. The company had also pioneered the development of IoT and blockchain technology facilitating BigData analytics and applications. Recently, the company spun off its Indian subsidiary into a separate corporate entity.

Mr. Katsanos has taught courses in economics, finance, financial institutions management, change management, leadership, behavioral finance, and active risk management in colleges and universities, in the US and overseas. Mr. Katsanos has also taught futures & options.


  • 01 – Corporate re-engineering
  • 02 – Debt & Equity Capital markets
  • 03 – Emerging Markets
  • 04 – Distressed Business Assets
  • 05 – Global Business Development


  • 01 – Due -Diligence for Funding & M&A
  • 02 – M&A Advisory & Execution
  • 03 – Business Assets Valuation
  • 04 – Alternative and Social Investment
  • 05 – GCR and Board Advisory
  • 06 – Family Office Advisory
  • 07 – Change Management

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