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July 2019 – Birmingham MI – PAAR & Co., a 10-year old business & executive coaching firm will be re-launched under a new brand. As of August 2019, the company will operate under the name eiconica Advisors. The same excellent service under a new name and expanded management team.

“ In the past few years, we have acquired a few small boutique firms as well as merge with the Bloomfield Hills consulting firm Aimattech into one entity. We are expanding our service offering and casting a wider net of expertise to accommodate the Michigan growing market. The demand is growing and we had to restructure the company in order to accommodate the demand.” – Doron York Founder & Managing Partner

The firm makes downtown Birmingham it’s new home. We are committed to continuing being a catalyst for the growth of Oakland County and Michigan in general.

For more information please contact us at

Or via phone 248.981.6688