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Advisor: David P. Weaver
The Project: Perform as an Expert Witness


Help provide compelling information for a judge to rule in favor of the client company


A client company was being sued by another new company in the same space with former employees for unfair practices.


The law firm representing the client from outside Michigan set up meetings for me to acquire confidential information on their client (after suitable NDA’s) and on the company suing the client.  Once the client company information and situation were processed, I was able to start drafting comments on standard and acceptable practices dealing with confidential client data and how to honor this when leaving a company. Also, the client company was using fair, but aggressive practices to block competition – which was an issue with the suing company.


The law firm was able to build a case that showed the new company had not conducted standard practice caution on the use of data collected as secret, etc. and the suing company eventually dropped the suit.  The suing company was even not acting ethically with confidential (stolen) information from the company they left and were now suing.