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Case Study No. CS051114

Engagement Type: Business Coaching

Advisor: Doron York

The Company: A 10 years old minority-owned Financial Service company in Southfield, MI


The breakthrough targets were as follows:

  • .Breakthrough in the ability to generate revenue

  • Increases the firm market share

  • Creation of a viable operating model

  • Divers the firm value proposition

  • Creation of a bold future for the company


After a year of coaching we produced some remarkable breakthroughs towards the company’s future:

  1. The company increased revenue by 166% year-over-year

  2. Profit rose from $18K in loss to $33K in profit

  3. The firm relocated the main office to a premier location in a high traffic business district

  4. Created a bold strategic intent for the company that reached years into the future

  5. The firm introduces three new services that resulted in a new line of business with high potential profit center


After 14 months into the engagement, the managing partners evaluate the R.O.C at the low end at 12 times! (1200%)